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Publishing House Parterre: facts and stories

Publishing House Parterre: facts and stories

Your patient; our mother
A plea to care together in a nursing home

The book is a personal account of what a family experienced during the ten years that their mother was admitted in a nursing home. But it is also a plea to bring together the professional knowledge of healthcare providers and the experience and knowledge of family. Only then a better quality of care for the patient/relative is possible. But it’s not easy. A nursing home has its own dynamics and family also has her oddities. Nevertheless, cooperation is essential to achieve a more personalized care.

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uw patient-onze moeder

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-806049-0-2
October 2015, first edition

Technical data:
paperback, 164 pages

Parterre Publishing House

Parterre Publishing House publishes books on the frontier of facts and fiction. We seek and publish well-told stories that deal with reality. Publishing can take shape as a physical book, but also in other ways. In the past we have experimented on the virtual attic of Parterre.

What’s more: Parterre organizes different activities around new releases together with the writer of the book. So we were a couple of times at the Lowlands Music Festival and we organized a conference on reintegration for people with social-welfare benefits. And sometimes a book leads to new things, regardless of Parterre, like the movie ‘Incarnation’, from Tanja Nabben.

Parterre Publishing House is affiliated with The Free Publishers and sells her books through this channel but her books are also for sale in the ordinary (internet) bookshops. In addition Parterre is affiliated with the Association of Independent Publishers.


Publishing House Parterre
PO Box 596
3500 AN Utrecht

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